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Je suis trans

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The point is to not avoid all Stupid Films, but to avoid being a Silly Moviegoer, It's a difficult task isolating the good Stupid Movies from bad ones. Often films are termed as stupid waste of resources. The opinion is certainly not wrong on its own but we have to keep in mind that there are literally numerous movies representing a genre and there are numerous genres. Despite the fact that not all of them deserve our attention but not all of them have earned our indifference either. Therefore, the responsibility falls upon all of us to choose the movie that would be well worth the time. In fact the choice of videos differs with each individual. And genre of movies is targeted towards a specific kind of target market.

Je suis trans

Genre: Documentary
Actor: Khloé Dubé, Alexis Comte, Zacharry-David Dufour, Jesyka Szopko, Danielle Chénier
Company: Trio Orange
Country: CA
Runtime: 23 min
Release: 2016-01-04
IMDb: 0/10

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