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Gloria del Pacífico

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Connecting with a video. A movie without a definite way becomes a disaster, as such the majority of the times it is the director who also determines a certain tone for the movie subject. With right co-ordination with his fellow co-workers director goes on to create a work of genius that resonates with our lifestyle and mindset. This is when we would be sucked into a several world altogether. And that is the true satisfaction of watching a movie. Otherwise it would become a stupid waste of time.

Gloria del Pacífico

Genre: Drama
Actor: Gustavo Mac Lennan, Reynaldo Arenas, Fernando Petong, Carlos Vertiz, Juan Manuel Ochoa
Company: Emporium Digital Studios
Country: Peru
Runtime: min
Release: 2014-11-06
IMDb: 0/10
Crew: Juan Carlos Oganes (Director), Juan Carlos Oganes (Producer), Juan Carlos Oganes (Screenplay), Micky Tejada (Music Editor), Fernando de Lucchi (Music)

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