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A Star Is Born

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There is little bad with every little good. Movie like a technology has grown from a basic fast moving collection of pictures into a complicated industry. With the technology's ever growing popularity, movies have become an integral part of our daily lifestyle. Be it in a friendly chitchat among friends or the daily news broadcast, movies happen to be one of the subjects of discussion. Mostly a form of entertainment, movies all together is also listed as an informal source of education. Many persons tend to learn from movies much more than any other formal source, though that might seem like an overstatement. In many under developed countries movies and television series are used as the means for instructing the population for social change and bring an overall switch. There is no denying on a vast reach of movies, this on the other hand could have a very bad impact, as not every movie bears the same humane values.

A Star Is Born

Genre: Drama
Actor: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay, Anthony Ramos
Company: Thunder Road Pictures
Country: United States of America
Runtime: min
Release: 2018-10-03
IMDb: 7.5/10
Crew: Bradley Cooper (Director), Bradley Cooper (Screenplay), Will Fetters (Screenplay), Bradley Cooper (Producer), Bill Gerber (Producer)

It feels silly to even qualify this one. LADY GAGA. BRADLEY COOPER (who can sing and direct, apparently). You don’t even need to have any info about the plot to know that this a priority must-see. But, in case you’re wondering, it’s also based on one of the most iconic (and beloved) movie musicals of the 20th century (it’s been re-made a bunch of times, but none was better than the Judy Garland-helmed version) and in addition to all the Gaga-Cooper creative brilliance, the screenplay is also co-written by Eric Roth, the Oscar-winning screenwriter who once compared life to a box of chocolates in Forest Gump (he modified the novel’s original — and far less quotable — line, “Being an idiot is no box of chocolates”)

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