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The Infiltrator

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The Infiltrator

Genre: Crime
Actor: Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger, John Leguizamo, Daniel Mays, Benjamin Bratt
Company: Good Films
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: min
Release: 2016-07-13
IMDb: 6.6/10
Crew: Jeff McEvoy (Editor), Brad Furman (Director), Ellen Brown Furman (Screenplay), Joshua Reis (Director of Photography), Robert Mazur (Book)

**In this game, there's no room for any mistake!** An undercover theme based on the real event. In the 80s when the drug trafficking was so high in the United States that came from the Latin America through the southern border, the US customs service sent its members to infiltrate among them to bust red handed. So this is one of the events where a married man with two children takes a most challenging assignment that might end up badly if he makes a single mistake. In such a tight spot how he and his team are going to achieve the one of a biggest crack in the history revealed in the remaining. So now we know the story, but this is not an easy game. There are many scenes that would pull you to the edge of your seat. After the wonderful performance in 'Trumbo' that got him an Academy Awards nominee last year, now he's back with another great character display. I'm talking about Bryan Cranson. Another Oscar's nod is quite possible in a second year row, but lets wait and see. This story mainly focused on him, but John Leguizamd was also impressive in an important supporting role and so the Diane Kruger. I think it was a most realistic undercover film among others I have seen. The drugs were not shown much and so the sex and nudes, despite the plot revolved around that. Even the stunts were minimised, but those rare action sequences were so good. The majority of the film was drama with lots of thrill scenes. The two hours long film, and the story were narrated with a good pace. Not to be missed if you like cops and thieves game. _8/10_

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